It's now clear that the team at Coban still haven't a wink of common sense or desire to live because they've gone and done it again. Here, we present the 3rd episode of "Where's my Chilli?" and it is hotter and better than ever. So much so, that Mahmut, Yalcin, Kimi, and Luke all had to sign a waiver before going ahead with the Red Dog Saloon Hot Wing Challenge. Apologies for the fruity words and casual death threats that were thrown around during the filming of this clip!

Again, a quick shout of to the guys at First We Feast, Red Dog Saloon London, Oreo Ice Creams and our viewer Ozge who was adamant that our previous Hot Wings challenges weren't hot enough. We hate you all. This video clip was only ever going to end in imminent pain and death, enjoy!