New Motorbike Build

Its time for a Motorbike build. Once it's ready you will have the chance to win it! We will be reimagining and restoring an old Honda. You can follow along with the bike build. Seeing how it's design develops and what the final product will look like. After all, this is your bike, you should have some say. Below is the first bike we built back in 2012. It started life as a standard Yamaha RS200. 


New Motorbike Build & Competition

As we get ready for our new motorbike build here is a look back at our first one. We started with a Yamaha Rs200 working it into a beautiful Café racer. Follow along at as we build our new Honda based Café racer. We will be having live builds where you can get involved and share your ideas. Once the bike is ready we will be having a competition to give you the chance to win it. So don't miss out and head over to to signup to the Journal.

Posted by Life in Paradigm on Saturday, April 18, 2020


We will be adding our unique style and detailing to the tank and engine casing. The design of the bike will be influenced by our community, through live videos on Instagram.

Life in Paradigm is all about being fearless. Using freedom as a source of motivation. Knowing that something scares you, but having the courage to pursue it.

Cafe Racer

We have decided to focus on the Café racer because of what it stands for. We love the history behind them and the sheer elegance of the bikes. When riding a café racer, it’s all about the power and control you have. The speed of the road and the feeling of a warm breeze while you ride. No matter the destination the journey promises you a sense of adventure and the feeling of excitement. Being able to ride when and where you want is the ultimate freedom to escape.

Cafe Racer

Café Racers are about speed and handling rather than comfort making them and their riders a unique commodity. Born in London, they connect directly with us. They believe that minimalism is elegance and is key when it comes to a classic bike. This is symbolized through the young and rebellious feel of the riders and their bikes. We want to give you that feeling, one where you can go, do and be whoever you want to be. Signup below to be updated on the build. Watch live videos of the bike being built and get involved. This is your bike, this is your chance to live. We will be running a giveaway once the bike is ready. Sign up below and don't miss out.


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