In November 2012 Mahmut purchased a 1981 Yamaha RS200 Cafe Racer in hopes to rebuild it. His first project, Mahmut dedicates to a dear friend and artist Ayesha Bhangra Mendi, who sadly passed away. He spent hours upon hours rebuilding the Cafe Racer; from first draft sketches and stripping the bike bare. To even going as far as redesigning and restitching the seat cushion. Little did he know that in the years to come this bike would grow into the symbol and icon for the brand 'Life In Paradigm' and Coban London


  • Upgraded with new rear suspension shock absorbers
  • Down fork with shorter springs
  • Engraving on the engine cover, which is reminiscent of his friend Ayesha
  • Copper plaque
  • Homemade wheel
  • Leather saddle, handcrafted
  • New speedometer
  • Paint in coffee colour
  • Customize exhaust
  • A custom lubrication system

The Cafe Racer now spends most days in the Store Front and serves as a brilliant conversation starter and a reminder of where the Life In Paradigm brand all started.
We, at Coban, love to look towards the future by planning, exploring options and setting amazing goals that we hope to achieve. We also recognize how powerful and important it is to reflect on the rich history of our pasts. The Cafe Racer Rebuild has been a fundamental building block towards what Coban is today and we're extremely proud of how far we've come together. Please feel free to come on down to the Store in Stoke Newington, London to have a chat and get an up close and personal look at the Bike - We'd love to see you!

Also, we must let you know- Mahmut has just started a new project and is working on rebuilding a 1982 Honda CJ396T. We will be sure to document the whole journey for you all to see as well!

Cheers from the Coban Team